INITIAL DESIGN: When creating a site from scratch or redesigning an existing site, our hourly rate is $35.00. Please allow 2-4 weeks for the creation of a new site. Rush options are available. We also do non-profit sites and our pricing on quote of site would reflect that (approx. $25.00/hour).

MAINTENANCE: When making regular updates to existing sites, we offer Maintenance Packages paid quarterly (minimal changes) and also an hourly rate of $25.00 when adding new sections or new large text to existing site. If any changes take less than 10 minutes to fix, we do this/these for free.

We make the commitment to all clients to have any updates online within 48 hours; 24 hours for emergencies. Normally, if an update takes less than 10 minutes, we will not charge for that update.

COMPANY LOGO DESIGN - $100.00: - We provide you with 3 different choices if necessary. If you are not satisfied with any of them, we can refer you to other designers and you do not pay a dime.

STANDARD PACKAGE - FREE WITH SITE DESIGN: We submit all of our sites to various search engines (Google, DMOZ, etc.) and have seen great results after 3-4 months. We do not do professional submission packages at this time.

MESSAGE BOARD - $20.00 one-time setup fee. We believe in utilizing the "free" services on the Internet to save our clients money. The message board we suggest includes administration panel and free training so you can manage your community without us!

CHAT ROOM - $20.00 one-time setup fee. Once again, We believe in utilizing the "free" services on the Internet to save our clients money. The chat room we suggest is very user friendly.

ONLINE JOURNAL (BLOG) - $20.00 one-time setup fee - very user friendly.

FORUM - $20.00 one-time setup fee. The form in question is also very user friendly.

*Please ask those you send to us to mention your name when they make their initial contact.

Affiliate Referral Commissions

8% of final design contract

12% of final design contract

15% of final design contract

15% of final design contract

Contact for Quote

It is our normal procedure to contact you within a 24 hour period, or sooner depending on load. Thank you for your interest in Sixty Plus Design®. If you don't receive a response in approx. 2 business days, we ask that you re-attempt, or contact us by phone or fax.

Email Inquiries: info@akavirgo.com
Phone No.: 604-856-0667
Fax Inquiries: 604-856-0693

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