Why is it important to build a site with a stable company?

An Internet site is a very delicate product that requires frequent, if not daily maintenance. A reliable and experienced company has the manpower and technology to keep the site available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is the worse thing that can happen with an unreliable website builder?

The answer depends on how important your business is to you. What often happens is that your site becomes inaccessible and those who try to visit it receive an error page telling them that it cannot be reached. Should this happen your clients and potential clients may conclude that your company is difficult to reach or is inaccessible to them. An even worse case scenario may involve your site being be broken into by hackers, resulting in site content being changed without your consent, possibly replaced by content that may do harm to your business. This is called 'facing' - and the risk of it happening is very real. In short, web sites are very vulnerable and it is extremely important to know who you are dealing with when ordering a site.

How long does has Sixty Plus Design© been in existence? Is it financially stable? Who are the owners?

Sixty Plus Design© is controlled mostly by its two senior partners. Sixty Plus Design© has been working on Internet projects since 1995 and has been involved in large projects. Sixty Plus Design© was founded in March 1995 and works with both the public and private sectors. Among its private customers are a large number of small and medium sized businesses. The company is financially strong and its income has increased every year since it's founding. This is due to Sixty Plus Design©'s many innovative technological developments.

Who is Sixty Plus Design©'s target market?

Sixty Plus Design©'s target market is the owners of small to medium-sized businesses in Europe and North America.

What large projects does Sixty Plus Design© support?

Sixty Plus Design© has the manpower and technology to set up websites every month. There are a number of very successful portals that the company supports.

What services does Sixty Plus Design© offer?

Sixty Plus Design© offers solutions for all aspects of website development. The company offers sites from a preset format, sites from a partially preset format and custom websites.

How much does a Sixty Plus Design© site cost?

A website is an advertising tool accessible 24/7. Website prices, like ad prices, vary greatly. With this said, we ask you to contact us for a personalized quote as per your needs.

How come your prices are so low?

60 years ago a car cost hundreds of thousands of dollars (inflation adjusted) and today it costs only thousands of dollars. Five years ago a Sixty Plus Design© website cost tens of thousands of dollars and today the same site costs hundreds of dollars. The reason for that lies in technological advances. After spending years in development Sixty Plus Design© now has at its disposal powerful engines that can generate technologically sophisticated websites at a fraction of the time needed by many other web site builders.

Sixty Plus Design© charges only for the labor invested in building the site and not for the technology. This is why the client receives a top end product for a very low price.

Does a website bring in work/sales?

A website is the ultimate tool for bringing in sales if you look from a point of view of cost versus profit. For an extremely low price your business is accessible the world over at any time of the day or night. By advertising either online or offline, you can increase your site's exposure, thereby increasing your return on investment.

After the site is set up we will help you with consultation regarding its advertising and other forms of Internet marketing.

Can you work with large conglomerates, in addition to small and medium sized businesses?

Sixty Plus Design© used in the past to work with very large organizations. Today we prefer to work with smaller and more dynamic bodies.

Will I be the only person in control of the site you build for me?

The site we will build you will be for your use only. It will not include advertising windows for other companies and will not include pop-up ads. Your site will include only the material you want it to include.

Does the Sixty Plus Design© model require me to set up the site myself?

You do not set the site up yourself. We at Sixty Plus Design© believe that web sites should be built by professionals. There are so many components that need to be taken into consideration when building a site, and an unskilled person with no previous experience and without the necessary know-how simply cannot do it.

Every site built at Sixty Plus Design© goes through several quality tests. The first stage is communicating with the future site owners in order to fully understand their needs and requirements. This information is then passed on to the Design Department. Sixty Plus Design©'s designers tailor the site design to suit the needs of the site owners and their clients. The next stage sends the project to the Development Department, where the site is actually built. From there it goes to the Quality Control Department, where we will confirm that the site meets the company's rigorous standards, and that it is ready to be launched. Each of these stages takes one to two weeks, depending on the complexity of the site.

Should I want to transfer to another company, would they know how to work with a site Sixty Plus Design© has built and developed?

Sixty Plus Design© develops its sites through the use of the most popular, state-of-the-art technologies, mostly in order to prevent a situation where the web site owner is dependent solely on Sixty Plus Design©.

In the last couple of years hackers have been tampering with websites at an increasing rate. Are your sites secure?

There is no website that is completely secure, but there are ways to make a site as secure as is technologically possible.

In order to assure the highest safety standards, Sixty Plus Design© uses the services of one of the world's best information security companies. Each of Sixty Plus Design©'s Internet servers is hidden behind a Firewall, which serves as the first line of protection. A second line of protection is an additional Firewall set with very rigorous definitions. When a client is interested in further securing his site he may choose to encode his information through SSL protocol, the way many large banks do.

In addition, Sixty Plus Design© does its utmost to keep its servers updated with the latest programs and program updates.

Will my site be erased if there is a malfunction in your server?

Sixty Plus Design© has very thorough backup services.

What precautions do you take in order to keep my site accessible at all times?

Sixty Plus Design© spends thousands of dollars every month on complementary services, in order to make certain that each and every site is accessible and working as it should. Monitoring systems check up on each site every five minutes. When a site doesn't respond the system immediately alerts Sixty Plus Design©'s technical support team.

Do I need to pay a fee when there is a technical problem with my site?

Sixty Plus Design©'s services include a two year guarantee (warranty) on the site. During these two years Sixty Plus Design© fixes all levels of malfunctions free of charge, as long as Sixty Plus Design© is the only one with access to the original code. This, of course, does not include any maintenance program that we have available for our clients.

What are the ongoing costs involved in owning a website?

There is the cost of building the site and an optional cost to maintain/support it. This is the case with all websites. Sixty Plus Design© offers very competitive prices for both the building and the maintenance/support.

Will the site be linked to various search engines?

Every site built at Sixty Plus Design© is adapted, without additional payment, to the various search engines (Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc.).

Will my site appear at the top of the list in the different search engines?

No. There are companies that promise that the site they build for the client will appear at the top of various search engines' lists, without additional payment. Try and ask for a list of these promised search engines and make the site's appearance there a precondition for payment. No company would agree to undersign such a promise. In reality, sites only appear at the top in exchange for payment.

Search engines charge different rates, starting from a couple of dozens of dollars a month, to advertise a site.

Am I required to host the site with the company that built it?

No. There is no such requirement but it is preferable. This is in case there is a malfunction and it's difficult to tell whether the problem is with the hosting or with the site itself. As is often the case, if there is more than one company handling the site each is likely to lay the problem with the other.

I have a site with another company and wish to move it to yours. Who will move the material from the old site to the new?

Sixty Plus Design© would be very glad to accomplish this for you and in most cases the process will be free of charge. Please consult a Sixty Plus Design© service representative for more information.

Does the name of the site belong to me?

The name of the site is yours and belongs to you according to law.

Will the name of the site remain mine if I leave Sixty Plus Design©?

The name of the site will remain yours in any case.

How easy is to access Sixty Plus Design© to receive technical support?

Each client has one person who will see to all his requirements from the company. During the building process of the site this would be the sales person and afterwards, when the site is already online, the client will have a manager assigned specifically to his/her account.

What is your technology based on?

In the last couple of years Sixty Plus Design©'s technological layout has been based on IBM servers with LINUX operating systems.

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